📦 Packaging : Paper and recyclable plastic packaging
👕 Organic Cotton : Natural fibres, without toxins, produced under fair conditions
🌿Eco Ink: Water-based, biodegradable inks, naturally vegan

Since the environment is very important to us, we rely on sustainable raw materials and resource-saving processes in the manufacture of our products. ♻️

By ordering from us, you automatically belong to the Go Green movement and contribute to minimizing environmental pollution . 🌿🌳

Less waste

Overproduction not only means wasting valuable resources, it is above all avoidable . 🚫

Our principle is therefore much more sustainable than large-scale production on suspicion!

Only when a product is actually ordered from us do we produce it. The finished product is sent directly to you without intermediate storage and saves additional CO2 by eliminating the shipping route. 📦🚛

Certificates and standards

Sustainability begins with the selection of the basic materials , because these form the basis for an environmentally friendly and at the same time high-quality product.

We therefore obtain our eco textiles from the renowned manufacturer Stanley/Stella. Not only are the textiles made from sustainably grown and chemically untreated organic cotton, the manufacturer also attaches particular importance to fair working conditions . In addition, the textiles are excellent for printing and are extremely comfortable to wear .

So much commitment is reflected in numerous certifications. We are proud to be partners with Stanley/Stella and are happy to pass on the ecological advantages of these high-quality products to you, our customers.